Patients & Advocacy

Our Commitment to You

At 2seventy bio, our approach is intimate and individual.

  • We lead with science, innovation, tenacity, and humility

  • We are driven by finding solutions together and building creative collaborations

  • We value the expertise found in each of the people touched by cancer, including care partners, and the support systems patients engage with along the way

  • We listen to, understand, and behave with consistent patient-centricity

  • We recognize cancer disparities and are committed to promoting health equity and access to care

  • We value and respect the autonomy of the cancer community

We value your voice and what you have to share. To start a conversation, ask a question, or share your story, contact: By providing your information, you agree to allow 2seventy bio to collect the name and email address provided and to be contacted by 2seventy bio using this information.

Our Patient Advocacy Mission at 2seventy bio

We create purpose-driven connections and seek collaborative engagements with advocates and the cancer community to deliver positive impact for patients and care partners while infusing their perspectives throughout 2seventy bio’s direction and decisions, big and small.

Our Patient Advocacy Areas of Focus

One way of honoring our commitment to transparency is to provide our areas of focus for our patient advocacy function in the near term. Our work evolves as we hear from our advocacy partners. Interested in learning more about 2seventy bio’s patient advocacy efforts? Contact By providing your information, you agree to allow 2seventy bio to collect the name and email address provided and to be contacted by 2seventy bio using this information.

Collaboration in Patient
Group-Driven Education
Company Education and Action
at the Speed of 2seventy
Building Together to Become
a Respected, Trusted Partner
Motivating + Grounding
the Company
Collaborate and support advocates' education and awareness programs on:
  • Cell and gene therapy medicines development
  • Transformative implications of treatments

Appropriately establish grants and sponsorship program reflecting 2seventy's size and shared interests
Inform company decision making through opportunities to understand and integrate patient and care partner experiences and insights into:
  • Research
  • Development
  • Commercialization
  • Access
  • Public policy
  • Corporate identity and culture

Collaborate to publish on patients' perspectives on:
  • Unmet medical needs
  • Patient-reported outcomes
  • Cancer disparities
  • Clinical trials
  • Other shared concerns
Opportunity for community to see a science-based company realize its potential in real time:
  • Exposure to key challenges
  • Opportunities to offer perspectives and input

Connect advocates to world-class scientists, opening doors to information exchange

Contribute to bringing diversity, equity, and inclusion into the research and development process of our work

Direct and consistent exposure for employees to diverse patient and care partners' perspectives and experiences:
  • Stories
  • Panels
  • Speaker series

Employee recognition of advocacy's impact, programs and areas of shared interest

Opportunities to support cancer patient groups through volunteerism and awareness campaigns

“We all know someone or have known someone touched by cancer. For me, losing my father to pancreatic cancer in 2018 makes working for an innovative oncology company, like 2seventy bio, immensely personal and incredibly meaningful. Cancer has the potential, now or in the future, to affect each of us profoundly. And how each individual navigates their cancer diagnosis and treatment journey or the diagnosis and treatment journey of a loved one is different. Through the patient advocacy function at 2seventy bio, we listen, acknowledge, and learn from the patient, care partner, and advocate experiences. We see each person we engage as a whole and full human, recognizing they are more than their cancer diagnosis…as more than a patient, as more than a care partner, as more than an advocate. And we commit to engaging in meaningful ways that honor those perspectives, needs, and expertise while informing and improving our business, our programs, and our people.

We don’t just simply care that we create transformational therapies, but we care HOW these therapies are created. We are about the approach.”

Emily Fields
2seventy bio, Patient Advocacy –

Patient & Care Partner Resources

The following is a representation of some organizations that offer resources and information for patients, families, and care partners affected by a cancer diagnosis. This list is provided for reference only and is not intended as a comprehensive list of resources. If you have a suggestion for another organization to add to the resources below, contact

Multiple Myeloma
Leukemia & Lymphoma
Cancer + Transplant
International Myeloma FoundationAcute Leukemia Advocates NetworkAmerican Cancer Society
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Lymphoma Research FoundationNMDP
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
BMT InfoNet
HealthTreeHealthTreeCancer Support Community
Patient Empowerment Network
Stupid Cancer

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